Multi-talented Communications Professionals with Cross-trained Thinking

Mountain Stream Group - Our Team

Our staff consists of multi-talented communications professionals who bring the very best cross-trained thinking to the equation. They thrive in cross-functional teams — comprised of architects; engineers; graphic, industrial, and instructional designers; IT and marketing communications specialists; and organizational behaviorists among many others — because our campaigns have to work on a number of levels in order to be successfully engaging.

Management Team

Jeff Klingberg

Jeff Klingberg


Jeff Klingberg is a rare marketing communications pro whose high creative vision is linked with inside engineering, technical knowledge and his ability to combine an analytical process with innovative thinking to connect products and services with people’s wants and needs. He has proved time and again that even low-gloss products will shine like diamonds to someone when they are presented right.

His inquisitive nature, knack to visualize a problem, and ability to apply the right products or services to the problem has consistently allowed Jeff to help clients resolve some of their toughest challenges while reducing components and labor, maximizing system efficiency and doubling revenues.

Jeff’s BS in mechanical engineering from UW-Platteville along with his multi-dimensional talents enables him to look at problems from many angles instead of just one. These skills have been sharpened through his over 20 years of engineering, consulting, sales, marketing and workforce development experience.

It’s these same client and work experiences that led Jeff to establish Mountain Stream Group, Inc. in 1998 so that he could provide his clients with a broader portfolio of visual, verbal and sensory communications design services — that when holistically combined leads to intelligent communications experience.

Pat Klingberg

VP Engineering - Product Development & Management

Pat Klingberg is a senior executive with considerable experience in strategic/tactical planning, new product development, product management, sales, marketing, customer service, and engineering in a manufacturing environment. He’s been responsible for developing and managing technically-oriented products with revenues exceeding $35 million.

As an analytical thinker, Pat is skilled in solving numerous problems by identifying the source and charting logical course of action. Constantly focused on a company’s best interest, his actions have helped to reduce overall parts used in equipment by 60% and manufacturing costs by 70% while spearheading sales, market share and bottom-line growth through aggressive new product development.

Pat’s BS in mechanical engineering from Northern Illinois University, MBA from Keller Graduate School of Management and international work experience has helped him hone a broad-base of knowledge in cross-functional team leadership, supplier negotiations, manufacturing engineering, cost analysis, and design and implementation of cellular manufacturing.

Terry Klingberg

VP Construction Project Management

Terry Klingberg is an accomplished construction management expert with extensive residential, commercial, industrial and environmental construction experience. From project planning to commissioning and occupation, he’s been responsible for managing all phases of new construction, renovation, reconstruction, and historical restoration projects up to $25 million.

Terry’s passion for construction, attention to detail, quest for quality craftsmanship and desire for successful projects was inherited from his father; who was a carpenter-contractor for over 30 years.

He acquired and perfected a diverse skillset — drafting, architectural design, carpentry, firefighting, pipefitting and plumbing, sheet metal fabrication, welding, and training designer and instructor — through schooling, the United States Navy and work experience. These skills help him interface with clients; interior designers, architects and engineers; suppliers; tradesmen and local inspectors — and ensure projects are completed on time, on budget, if not under budget, and to code.

Terry has supervised up to 200 workers from direct reports to contractors. His Navy management and firefighting experiences have taught him the importance of workplace safety. To that end he has developed construction and safety training programs — and taught over 5,000 people — that have resulted in zero work-related injuries. He’s also handcrafted furniture.

Judith Damin

Chief Creative & Strategy Officer

Judith Damin is a senior marketing executive with significant corporate and consulting background, specializing in brand strategy and brand development. She was responsible for the creative and strategic output on major consumer goods accounts like Procter & Gamble, General Mills and Lipton Foods. Other clients who were well served by her significant talents were Guidant, Blyth, Inc., Sea Gull Lighting, NCR, Siemens, and Unisys.

Ms. Damin has a proven track record of designing innovative strategies to help companies better define their product positioning and drive significant short and long term business revenues for major corporations and mid-sized companies. Important brands like Cascade Dishwasher Detergent, Ivory Liquid, Skippy Peanut Butter and Estee Lauder Prescriptives have been re-invigorated by her efforts. Her experience can support efforts to grow and protect market share while implementing carefully developed strategic direction with imaginative and creative communications.