Ensuring Your Success by Making it a Performance Standard

Mountain Stream Group - Nexus Control LoopWe practice intelligent communication. It combines analytical process with strategic and creative thinking to capture attention, stimulate the senses and stir the soul through visual, auditory and tactile imagery, so you connect with your stakeholders: physically, rationally and emotionally—and achieve success.

Through our personalized Nexus Control Loop™—a 6-step, closed-loop design program—we consistently engineer market inroads for our clients. The program is designed to continuously improve your communications, and make your stakeholder connections stronger and your company more successful. The following is a brief overview of the 6 steps.

Step 1: Dscover

Discovering insight for intelligent decision making and a memorable brand.

Mountain Stream Group - Nexus Control Loop - Discover Phase

Chinese philosopher and strategist Sun Tzu said “If you know your enemy and yourself, you will win every battle.” While Tzu’s words were meant for military engagements, his principle can be applied to your business as well.

Through a series of investigations, we conduct a 360º assessment of your company, your competition, your industry segment and your stakeholders unlocking mysteries so you gain a complete understanding of your ecosystem — giving you the knowledge to power your success.

We’ll help you learn about the issues you face; identify your core values and characteristics; ascertain your strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities; find out what makes you unique; analyze the competition; spot trends and best practices; uncover unmet or underserved audience wants and needs; and discover what rational and emotional factors influence purchasing decisions.

Operational, competitive and marketplace data points that become the economic, efficiency, reliability, and constructability inputs to your performance standard.

Step 2: Define

Developing your blueprint for success

Mountain Stream Group - Nexus Control Loop - Define Phase

Using the unearthed information we help you identify and define the key organizational elements, constraints, variables, formulas, models and set points to your performance standard. Then craft strategies and tactics, set budgets and timelines, formulate metrics, and draft brand benefit and position statements and brand architecture so your corporate voice emerges.

Step 3: Create

Constructing your brand, solutions and messages.

Mountain Stream Group - Nexus Control Loop - Create Phase

Merging the discovered data with your company’s set points and our multi-level critical thinking, we help you create solutions that meet consumer wants & needs, making it convenient to buy them and developing messages to cause consumers to buy them.

Step 4: Test

Comparing hypotheses to reality and assessing the probability for success.

Mountain Stream Group - Nexus Control Loop - Test Phase

Before solutions and messages are broadcast to your entire target audience we incubate them — putting them to the test and analyzing reactions to ensure your stakeholders will hear what you’re saying, issues are resolved, and your solutions are successful. If preferred results aren’t achieved, we optimize them until they’re just right.

Step 5: Broadcast

Precision streaming your solutions and messages to multidimensional success

Mountain Stream Group - Nexus Control Loop - Broadcast Phase

Upon passing their tests and being fine-tuned, we broadcast your solutions and messages in the right mix at the right time in the right format to each brand touchpoint for a total communication experience — making connections, creating compelling conversations and causing actions that drive revenue, productivity and ROI growth.

Step 6: Measure

Measuring to improve. Keeping you focused on winning!

Mountain Stream Group - Nexus Control Loop - Measure Phase

Using the defined company set points as reference we install relevant sensors to measure the results of your messages to ensure your voice is getting heard, you’re connecting with your stakeholders, growing your business and enhancing your ROI.

The sensor feedback is also used to further define your company’s set points and correct communication errors.