Engineering Improved Brand Identity and AwarenessEngineeringImprovedBrand IdentityAwareness
Engineering Greater Morale & Lower TurnoverEngineeringGreater MoraleLower Turnover
Engineering Productivity GainsEngineeringProductivityGains
Engineering Increased RevenueEngineeringIncreased Revenue
Engineering Expanding Market ShareEngineeringExpandingMarket Share
Engineering Profit Margin GrowthEngineeringProfit MarginGrowth
Engineering Rising Return on InvestmentEngineeringRising Return on InvestmentInvestment
Engineering your SuccessEngineering Your Success

Engineering Your Success

By engineering communication that connects you with your stakeholders: physically, rationally and emotionally.

Physical Emotional Rational Connection

Since 1993, Mountain Stream Group has been helping consumer, business-to-business, industrial, and professional services organizations worldwide improve their brand image and awareness; increase morale and lower turnover; generate more productivity; swiftly grow revenue; gain market share; and enhance their return-on-investment by helping them connect with their stakeholders — physically, rationally, and emotionally — through visual, verbal, nonverbal and sensory communication.

We integrate Engineering, Management Consulting, Marketing Communications and Workforce Development services to engineer and multi-dimensionally stream behavior-affecting messages at the right time in the right format to each brand touchpoint. All of these services can be customized to focus on an individual application or integrated into a holistic organizational solution.

We ensure your success by making it a performance standard, and programming our Nexus Control Loop for your application. Our 6-step design process provides structure, discipline and persistence to smartly resolve issues, create communication that makes connections and cause action — leading to sustainable, repeatable and scalable success in an ever-evolving ecosystem.

Our Overview Presentation

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The 5P’s for communicating your brand’s DNA.


Communicating your brand’s essence through the beauty of your place of business’ landscape, architecture and interior design.


Imparting your brand’s values and messages through face-to-face, telephone-based and computer-mediated human-to-human interactions.


Conveying your brand’s values through your floor plan, information systems and workflows.


Transmitting your brand’s personality through your products and services form, fit, function.


Spreading your brand’s messages through digital and traditional marketing communications.


Engineering your brand’s DNA and communicating it visually, verbally, non-verbally and sensorially.

Engineering Services


Making Your Buildings, Products and Systems Practical and Efficient

Management Consulting Services

Management Consulting

Guiding You to Excellence

Marketing Communications Services

Marketing Communications

Crafting Behavior-affecting Messages You Own

Workforce Development Services

Workforce Development

Awakening Your Staff’s Potential


“Mountain Stream Group was key to our efforts of creating greater market awareness of our company, our products, and our services. Positive sales results were evident in a matter of months after implementing these new marketing initiatives—31% sales growth over a period of 18 months. They proved that an investment in new marketing communications programs is more than offset by increased sales and profit performance.”

Rick SwansbroDirector, Channel Development – SPX Hydraulic Technologies

“Coyote Marsh initially hired Mountain Stream Group (MSG) to provide insights on the global manufacturing marketplace. Their work is very beneficial to our agency, not only because it provides us with an improved understanding, but also because MSG is flexible enough to help us seamlessly incorporate their findings into broader analysis and planning. We like their ideas, drive and thoroughness and regularly consider other ways to involve them.”

Michael BeightolPresident — Coyote Marsh & Associates, Inc.

“Mountain Stream Group was a tremendous help. They were able to look at our products and instantly came up with several ways we could reduce both material costs and labor when using the proper components.”

Manager, Advanced Manufacturing – ACS Group

“When I think of Mountain Stream Group, I think of fast response. My firm has utilized their services for a variety of marketing communication projects that often times require unrealistic response times. Despite this, Mountain Stream Group has always come through with professional work at an economical price. Most importantly, they have been there when we need them, where we need them. Because of this they have earned our loyalty, our respect and our business.”

Jeff EnglehardtPresident – SEM Components, LLC (Formerly Director, Marketing at White Hydraulics, Hoerbiger-Origa and Hydro-Line)

“Mountain Stream Group’s in-depth research and industry insight have been an invaluable asset to our bottom line. It has helped us establish our strategy and direction when there was none. They have been an integral part of our sales and marketing plans. We couldn’t have achieved our goals without their assistance throughout the years.” 

Roger ThakeRetired — Formerly at Xylem Midland-ACS North America (Previously known as Midland Pneumatic.)

“The more I see your work the more I am impressed. Great job!”

Frank BrombleyGSS/Global Sales and Solutions, Inc.

“For years my two professionally designed company web sites did not perform as expected in Google searches. Mountain Stream Group reviewed them and suggested several changes to our pages that resulted in a dramatic improvement, placing both sites in the Top 10 Google results for our most important search term.  I was astonished, and very grateful for their expertise!”

Brett NewmanManaging Director – Visimation, Inc.

Clients We’ve Served

Portfolio Samples

What Is Experiential Communication Design

Experiential Communications

Experiential communication uses visual, auditory and tactile imagery to capture attention, stimulate the senses and stir the soul allowing stakeholders to experience — and connect with — your brand, product or service: physically, rationally and emotionally.

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Ensuring Your Success by Making it a Performance Standard

Nexus Control Loop

Programmed for your application, our Nexus Control Loop™ — a 6-step design process — provides structure discipline and persistence to smartly resolve issues, create communication that makes connections and cause action — leading to sustainable, repeatable and scalable success in an ever-evolving ecosystem.

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NEW White Paper!!! Safety Information in Collateral Material

Safety Information in Collateral Material White Paper

Our free 42-page white paper uses 16 figures and a question and answer format to simply and graphically layout the rules in the new ANSI Z535.6 standard and provides everyday safety message presentation examples—allowing you to develop collateral materials that will go along way in protecting your customers and your company.

“The material in the whitepaper was lucid and clearly communicated.” –R. Stringer

Success Quotes

When a passionate vision is combined with a proactive daily attempt to succeed, the vision will manifest itself into reality.

Marc TrestmanChicago Bears Head Coach

If A equals success, then the formula is: A=X+Y+Z.
X is work.
Y is play.
Z is keep your mouth shut.

Albert Einstein

There is no reason to ever quit. Unless, of course, you had no plans to ever succeed.

Doug Firebaugh

Success isn’t something given, it’s something earned.

Mike KrzyzewskiMen’s Basketball Coach, Duke University

Don’t chase money; it’s too elusive. Chase success; money follows success.

Damian LillardPortland Trailblazers

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