Marvelous Inventions Photo - Electricity

Marvelous Inventions And The Men/Women Who Created Them. Who Should Be In The Design Hall Of Fame?

Marvelous Inventions - Electricity Photo

What’s your top 10 inventions? Who are your top 10 designers/engineers?

Since the dawn of time, humans have been full of curiosity. They’ve asked what if, and used their ingenuity to create products and machines that have solved a problem, and made people’s lives easier, more efficient or safer. Some of the millions of marvelous inventions that have changed world in small and major ways, include the steam engine, electricity, the telephone, the television, the radio, the microwave oven, air conditioning, the automobile, the airplane, the printing press and the semiconductor.

The designers and engineers — men and women like Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, Leonardo Da Vinci, Johannes Gutenberg, Harriett Russell Strong, Henry Ford, Denis Papin, Ben Franklin, and Josephine Garis Cochran — for the most part have worked in obscurity and only became famous posthumously. In most cases, they never get the recognition they deserve because educators, students and the public at large don’t understand what engineers do.

In fact in a survey for the American Association of Engineering Societies, Harris Interactive found 61% of respondents didn’t consider themselves well informed about engineering and engineers, and 70% of respondents thought that the media did only a fair or poor job covering engineering.

Product Design and Development magazine feels that the design engineers should get the recognition they deserve for a lifetime commitment to the profession, and are creating PD&D Design Engineering Hall of Fame. They’re asking design engineers to email them with their top 10 list of design engineers. Upon compiling the submissions an advisory panel will select the first five inductees. Mountain Stream Group is proud to be one of a member of the advisory board.

To learn more visit PD&D at the following link.