Satie North America ProClip electrical panel frame

Mountain Stream Group Adds Satie North America To Our Roster Of Clients

Satie System ProClip electrical panel comparison

Satie’s Proclip system save up to 30% in space over traditional electrical panels.

We are pleased to announce the addition of Satie North America — the North American operation for Satie SAS (Satie System) — to our roster of clients. Satie designs and manufactures a modular electrical panel frame system with an integrated wire management system. The patented system helps OEM machine builders, system integrators, panel board builders, switchgear manufacturers and alike shrink space requirements, cut material costs, increase productivity and reduce weight — saving users up to 25% over traditionally designed electrical panels. To learn more about their products visit

We will be assisting them in developing a public relations campaign and trade show efforts among other services.