Ortman Fluid Power 3TH Cross Reference Guide

Portfolio Update: Ortman Fluid Power Cross Reference Guide

Ortman Fluid Power 3TH Cross Reference Guide

Mountain Stream Group’s development of this 4-page cross reference guide for the Ortman Fluid Power 3TH Series cylinder line started with an Internet search to ascertain all the manufacturers of NFPA heavy-duty, hydraulic cylinders. Next, we downloaded catalog information about the part number coding for the various mounting styles, identified the series name and available bore sizes and then put the data into the easy to read table.


Satie North America Proclip Press Release

Portfolio Update: Satie North America Press Release

Satie North America Press ReleaseA press release written for announcing the launch of Satie North America’s Proclip and Prolight modular electrical panel frame and wire management system in North America. Click image or here to read entire press release.

Ortman Fluid Power 101L Cylinder Photo

Client Profile: Ortman Fluid Power Is Back!

Ortman Fluid Power 101L

The Ortman 101 Series—a round-body hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder—has powered some of the toughest industrial applications for over 60 years.

After a long absence the hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder brand known as Ortman Fluid Power is back.

Their journey began in 1945 when World War II veterans Harold and Nelson Ortman returned home joining their older brother Alva, Carl Speichert and Carter Miller to form Ortman-Miller Machine Company, Inc. located in Hammond, Indiana.

At its inception, Ortman-Miller was a general machine shop making parts for other companies, but in 1948 they began building and selling cylinders for a wide variety of industries. Their first cylinder line was the round-body 101 Series. In 1955, they introduced three square-head, JIC interchangeable cylinder lines—TH, 4K and 4L Series.  They expanded their NFPA pneumatic cylinder offering by introducing the 1A Series in 1971. Over the past several years, they’ve broadened their product line with the addition of the AS/ASH and QA Series.

Beyond their standard cylinder lines, they have 3 specialty products: the FA Series valve actuator cylinder, the 7R Series air/oil tank and the 7P Series air/oil booster. If their customers have applications that don’t fit standard product options, they can build custom cylinders.

In 1968, Garlock Industries purchased Ortman-Miller Machine Company and several founders left. The journey took a twist in 1976 when Colt Industries (now known as EnPro Industries) bought Garlock Industries and changed the company name to Ortman Fluid Power. It changed course again in 1997 when they left their Hammond facility, and moved in with Quincy Compressor in Quincy, Illinois. Then came the name change to Quincy Ortman Cylinders in 2004.

The 2010 purchase of Quincy Compressor by Atlas Copco North America LLC began to bring the journey full circle and it was completed in March of 2011 when the brand name became Ortman Fluid Power once again.

Now that’s staying power.

In The Nick Of Time: Science Cheerleaders!

Science! Science! Science!

Cheerleaders for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM)? Absolutely! It’s about time!

The United States is at a crossroads. Battling for its survival, and desperately needs a quintessential American pep rally.

We can’t secure a prosperous future without innovation, science, and technology. But, we have three major STEM problems — rapid retirement, supply lags demand and kids aren’t interested.

Between 2004 and 2014, it is estimated a half million engineers will retire, but EngineeringTrends, an engineering education consulting group, reports that engineering supply lags demand by 7 years in the United States.

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Mountain Stream Group Expands Client Payment Options

Male hand digital plastique card computer e-commerceIt used to be the only payment methods for businesses were cash or the company check. Then came along corporate credit cards. And, now the integration of the Internet with the Check Clearing for the 21st Century Act (Check 21 Act) has changed the way we all do business and opened a whole new world of invoicing and online payment possibilities.

For several years now we have been sending our clients invoices by email, and have been accepting credit cards through PayPal. While this has been greatly appreciated by our clients, they’ve asked for more options. So, we’re pleased to announce the addition of a new online invoice payment options — QuickBooks Payments (formerly known as Intuit Payment Network).

With the addition of this payment methods, our clients now have multiple options to choose from when paying their invoices:

  1. corporate or cashier’s checks through postal mail,
  2. credit cards through PayPal, or
  3. ACH or bank-to-merchant electronic payments through QuickBooks Payments.

All of the online payment methods are free of charge to our clients.

We will be adding links to our invoices — as they become available for our accounting system — that will let you select which online payment methods, if any, you’d like to use. In the meantime, if you are interested in using any of the online payment methods let us know and we’ll make the arrangements. If you have any questions or would like more information about our payment methods please contact us at info (at) mountainstreamgroup.com or call Jeff Klingberg at +1 847 453 8895 x701.

Updated: 09 June 2017

Satie North America ProClip electrical panel frame

Mountain Stream Group Adds Satie North America To Our Roster Of Clients

Satie System ProClip electrical panel comparison

Satie’s Proclip system save up to 30% in space over traditional electrical panels.

We are pleased to announce the addition of Satie North America — the North American operation for Satie SAS (Satie System) — to our roster of clients. Satie designs and manufactures a modular electrical panel frame system with an integrated wire management system. The patented system helps OEM machine builders, system integrators, panel board builders, switchgear manufacturers and alike shrink space requirements, cut material costs, increase productivity and reduce weight — saving users up to 25% over traditionally designed electrical panels. To learn more about their products visit www.satiena.com.

We will be assisting them in developing a public relations campaign and trade show efforts among other services.

North American Success Photo

Four Keys To North American Success For Foreign Corporations

North American Success Photo

North American success for foreign corporations can be elusive. A recent LinkedIn post asked for experiences from foreign national corporations who have had trouble introducing their products and services to the North American market.

From our experience in this area, foreign national corporations typically encounter the following issues.

1. Send a foreign national to open the operation just because someone believes there is a large untapped market in North America, but no research is done and no North American success plan is formulated before coming.

2. They attempt to apply their current sales policies and distribution channels they utilize in their home country in North America, which typically is unsuccessful.

3. They send people to manage the North American operations who have little to no understanding of the culture, and given limited time and resources to learn it.

4. If they hire a Canadian or United States national to manage their operation, there is a communication issue between the North American operation and the home country. Typically, the reason is the North American operation does not have a seat at the executive table when decisions are made, and little training or effort was given to introduce this person to their new employer.

5. Very limited financial and human resources are allocated for operations, sales and marketing — especially sales and marketing.

6. No or limited inventory of product is on hand in Canada or the United States and long lead times to get product sold to North America.

7. Cut and run. For as much as foreign corporations talk about managing for the long term, they tend to apply short term thinking when measuring North American success, which leads to huge turnover of employees and management teams — ultimately resulting in cutting their losses and closing shop after 3, 4 or 5 years.

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Mountain Stream Group Adds HYDROMECH To Our Roster Of Clients

We are pleased to announce the addition of HYDROMECH to our roster of clients. HYDROMECH is a start-up company who has designed a new, patent-pending hydraulic lift system for recreational vehicles, boat lifts and residential construction. The proprietary hydraulic pump distributes the appropriate amount of fluid to each linear actuator to enable a synchronized lift action in applications like pop-up campers.

We will be assisting them in developing a corporate identity and marketing materials, and conducting business development and public relations efforts among other services.

Visimation GoShapes: Alternative Energy Suite

Mountain Stream Group Adds Visimation To Our Roster Of Clients

Visimation - GoShapes: Alternative Energy Suite

Sample of Visimation’s GoShapes. Alternative Energy Suite

We are pleased to announce the addition of Visimation to our roster of clients. Visimation, Inc. is a software development company. They develop custom and standard shapes/stencils, add-on applications and templates for Microsoft Visio. They sell their Visio add-ons, shapes and templates through their ShapeSource.com store. Additionally, they conduct Visio training seminars and maintain a blog with tips on how to more effectively use Visio. To learn more about their products and services visit www.visimation.com or www.shapesource.com or www.visiozone.com.

We will be assisting them in developing and disseminating an email marketing campaign, and conducting business development and public relations efforts among other services.

Marvelous Inventions Photo - Electricity

Marvelous Inventions And The Men/Women Who Created Them. Who Should Be In The Design Hall Of Fame?

Marvelous Inventions - Electricity Photo

What’s your top 10 inventions? Who are your top 10 designers/engineers?

Since the dawn of time, humans have been full of curiosity. They’ve asked what if, and used their ingenuity to create products and machines that have solved a problem, and made people’s lives easier, more efficient or safer. Some of the millions of marvelous inventions that have changed world in small and major ways, include the steam engine, electricity, the telephone, the television, the radio, the microwave oven, air conditioning, the automobile, the airplane, the printing press and the semiconductor.

The designers and engineers — men and women like Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, Leonardo Da Vinci, Johannes Gutenberg, Harriett Russell Strong, Henry Ford, Denis Papin, Ben Franklin, and Josephine Garis Cochran — for the most part have worked in obscurity and only became famous posthumously. In most cases, they never get the recognition they deserve because educators, students and the public at large don’t understand what engineers do.

In fact in a survey for the American Association of Engineering Societies, Harris Interactive found 61% of respondents didn’t consider themselves well informed about engineering and engineers, and 70% of respondents thought that the media did only a fair or poor job covering engineering.

Product Design and Development magazine feels that the design engineers should get the recognition they deserve for a lifetime commitment to the profession, and are creating PD&D Design Engineering Hall of Fame. They’re asking design engineers to email them with their top 10 list of design engineers. Upon compiling the submissions an advisory panel will select the first five inductees. Mountain Stream Group is proud to be one of a member of the advisory board.

To learn more visit PD&D at the following link. http://www.pddnet.com/blogs/2009/07/pdd-design-engineer-hall-fame