Agencies Unite To Help Organizations Keep Pace With An Evolving Landscape

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Fluid Power Technologies International and Konstanz Kommunikations undergo consolidation with Mountain Stream Group to form new, Chicago-based experiential communications design consultancy.

Thanks to the Internet the world’s getting smaller and moving at an ever-increasing pace, communication methods are expanding, and an organization’s success is increasingly dependent on fluid global communication.

The number of internal and external, seen and unseen points where your stakeholders touch, experience and hopefully connect with your brand, product or service keeps growing. Beyond the normally thought of touchpoints, your building’s architecture, your workspaces, your information systems and workflow processes, your product’s aesthetics and functionality, and your computer-mediated and machine-to-machine interactions are now vital members of a very dynamic communications ecosystem—living together interdependently.

Psychological studies of people’s attitudes and behaviors reveal that we seek out communication experiences that best fit our needs, and that we are seeking a richness of heart. Therefore, it’s no longer good enough to only connect with your stakeholders physically and rationally. Now, you must bond with them emotionally as emotion has become the sixth sense. To give them the total communication experience they are expecting—and to persuade them to act—visual, auditory and tactile imagery is needed to capture their attention, stimulate their senses and stir their souls.

Technology advances have allowed organizations to replace bulk monologue messages with mass one-to-one conversations created by the experiences at their touchpoints. As technology allows us to create more elaborate user experiences—and with the growing number of touchpoints—it can be difficult to manage your touchpoint experiences. A lack of attention to your communication messages can lead to inconsistent and weak touchpoint experiences resulting in a disconnection with your stakeholder—ending the conversation and terminating the desired action.

This changing landscape along with the increased competitive pressures from technology, growth of developing countries like China and India, a global economy and financial crisis, and a potentially slow and long recovery has caused our clients to ask for greater access to the visual, verbal and sensory communications design services Mountain Stream Group offers.

To consumer, business-to-business, industrial, and professional services organizations keep pace with these demands, we evolved by merging Fluid Power Technologies International and Konstanz Kommunikations into Mountain Stream Group. The unification allows us to bring the very best thinking from a more diverse talent pool together for every client. In addition, clients will benefit from our increased capacity to provide our services globally—under one brand, and our broad portfolio of engineering, management consulting, marketing communications and workforce development services will help them connect with their stakeholders not only physically and rationally, but emotionally as well.

We’re able to successfully engage our clients’ stakeholders by creating and broadcasting total communication experiences that work on a number of levels. We do this by integrating various communications disciplines, such as: information architecture, copywriting, industrial design, instructional design and visual identity design among many others. Our clients appreciate this approach when it comes to developing total communication experiences and explaining their rationales.

But what they appreciate most is that we engineer communications that connect—after all, their success depends on it.

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